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Silver Reed LK150 Needle Extension Kit


Silver Reed Mid Gauge LK150 knitting machine 50 needle extension kit.

Kit is no longer available.  Why?   After pulling all the parts together, and adding up costs, it was nearly the price of a new bed!

So I weighed the pros and cons, and determined to no longer offer the kit.

But I need an extension kit, you say?

Purchase a 2nd LK150.  Here is what this option gives you over the 50 needle extension kit.


  1. 100 needle extension, not just 50.
  2. 150 spare needles with caps and stoppers.
  3. a 2nd carriage!!  
  4. a 2nd tension mast set.
  5. a 2nd row counter.
  6. a COMPLETE extra set of tools.

There may be more, but this is just off the top of my head!

What goes to waste?   Just the left and right bed piece.

Here is the page the LK150 is on.