Knitting Machine Chart

This Chart is the joint effort of the members of the Email Discussion Group: Machine Knitting.
I decided to write one up and the members sent all they knew. 
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Chart of Knitting Machines: 
Main Beds & Ribbers

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Brother Knitting Machine Compatibility Chart.

The following list is in MODEL # order

Note:  Brother/Knitking Knitting Machines are no longer being manufactured.
Passap is no longer in production.
Singer and Studio machines were manufactured by Silver, and is now marketed under the name Silver Reed.

updated: 01/23/2004

This Chart is the joint effort of the members of Knit Machines Email Discussion Groups  
Charted out, designed, tracked and maintained by Angelika
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Brand Model #     Bed pitch Year Introduced Original Selling Price # of Ndls Punchcard Width  
      © Angelika




Bond ISM 0   Plastic 8.0     100    
Corona CN9N   0     8.0          
Passap Speed-O-Knit 0 Manual   5.0          
Passap Vario 0 Manual   5./10.          
Swiss Knitter   0   Plastic       180    
White Knitter Mod 7   0   Plastic 5.0     163 easy knitter  
Phildar Big Phil   0   Plastic 9.0     123 n/a  
White Magic Knitter   0   Plastic 9.0     115 bulky 9  
Prazisa   0 Manual Metal 4.5 1959 or earlier   made in W Germany    
Studio SK 7       1959   Knitten Kitten    
Studio SK 8   Plastic   1960 260.00      
Studio SRP 20 Ribber Metal 4.5 1977 179.95 200 n/a  
Brother KH