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We do offer a winding service. There will be a delay of 24 - 48 hours due to lack of staff.  I'm delighted to wind your yarn for you, but just want you to know.

NO Returns or Exchanges on Wound Yarn

The cost is PER SKEIN, so make sure you add the number of skeins you want wound.

We do offer some great tools to enable you to wind your own yarns. 

Always start with the swift first. If you can only afford one item, the swift would be that first piece. The swift holds the skein and slowly turns while you either ball it up by hand or with a winder. And, OH, by the way, don't wind tight. It is better for your yarn not to be stretched into a ball.  It can mess with your gauge, if it has sat in a tightly wound ball for any amount of time. The swift we use in the store can be found here. While it is not the fanciest, with care, it lasts a long time.  It spins easily so does not stretch your yarn as you wind.

and another note, do not remove the yarn band if you don't have to until AFTER you have it on the swift. But if you have to, be careful.  Never untie the knot until it is safely on the swift.  Carefully undo the knot.  If it's a slip knot, just pull the tails. If not sure, just take scissors and cut the knot off. Carefully unweave the tail. Don't pull it through, just unweave it. We like to pull a couple rounds before attaching to winder, just to be sure all ties are undone. Some yarn manufactures will have only 1 knot, while others, particularly hand dyers can have up to 5 knots.

As budget permits, the second piece would be the ball winder. I consider it to be the second piece, because who is going to hold your yarn while you are operating the winder? I carry 4 ball or wool winders, all very good.  You can see them here.

Yes, hanks can tangle. But soon enough you will figure it out. Then there are those yarns that are so slick, no matter what, it gets tangled. We are thankful for the swift when this happens. We start making a hand ball and slowly pass the ball back and forth through the tangles. And soon enough it's done. But at times, we get pulled away, and the swift patiently holds it until we can get back to it.

Youtube has some great videos if you'd like to see it in action. VeryPink has a great video here.