Standard Gauge

Standard Gauge

Silver Reed offers 2 Models in the Standard Gauge Line

These models knit lace, fingering and sport weight yarns. This gauge is extremely popular for finer knits and delicate fabrics. Perfect for suits, skirts, baby garments and beautiful lacey fabrics.

The Silver Reed SK280 knitting machine model is a mechanical machine, that needs no electricity. You can be up and knitting beautiful garments very quickly on this model. This is my personal favorite. I like the weight of the fabric it produces, and the amazing lace. I also like how this model can create perfectly fitted garments.

The Silver Reed SK840 knitting machine model is an electronic model that allows the user incredible creativity.  Rather than a mechanical feature for patterning, it uses software program DesignaKnit.  DesignaKnit is loaded onto your computer where you design shapes based on the lengths, widths and shaping you desire, as well as any stitch designs you desire.  Via Silver Link 5 Memory Cable, which is connection between your knitting machine and your computer, patterns are downloaded to our carriage and your monitor queues you for when and where your shaping is done.

In view of creativity, the SK280 model limits the width of a design to 24 stitches.  You can have as many multiples across your knitted fabric as you desire, but the actual width of a single motif will be 24 sts or less.  Whereas, the SK840 model, via DesignaKnit, has no limitation.  You can have one single image as wide as the bed of the machine.

Due to fraud machines will ship to your billing address only.  Call us to place your order, if you wish to us to ship to a safer, more secure address.  Students of design schools often have a different ship to address.   Please call us to place this order.  Thank You!!