Silver Reed SK840 Knitting Machine

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Silver Reed SK840 Electronic Knitting Machine

Silver Reed offers 2 models (SK280 and SK840) in the standard gauge line. They are perfect for Lace weight [ 0 ], Fingering [ 1 ] and Sport [ 2 ] Weight yarns (US Knitting Needles#000-#5).
This gauge is extremely popular for finer knits and delicate fabrics. Perfect for suits, skirts, baby garments and beautiful lacey fabrics.

The Silver Reed SK840 knitting machine model is an electronic model that allows the user incredible creativity.  Rather than a mechanical feature for patterning, it uses software program DesignaKnit (sold separately).  DesignaKnit is loaded onto your computer where you design shapes based on the lengths, widths and shaping you desire, as well as any stitch designs you desire.  Via Silver Link 5 Memory Cable, which is connection between your knitting machine and your computer, patterns are downloaded to our carriage and your monitor queues you for when and where your shaping is done.

Optional Accessories: DesignaKnit Software (machine knitting & hand knitting).  SRP60N Ribber, LC580 Lace Carriage, YC6 (automatic color changer), AG24 Intarsia Carriage

The machine itself is 44” wide. Please you need an add’l 12” on EACH side to take off/put on the carriage. I recommend a space of at least 20” deep to allow the machine, and it’s tension mast to work property.

The Important Stuff:

  • All machines are shipped UPS Ground or occasionally USPS.
  • No returns or exchanges on knitting machines.
  • Due to fraud, we can only ship to the address that the credit card has on file.   Any other address used will be voided, and the machine will shipped to billing address.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 90 days 

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All machines are shipped UPS Ground. 
No returns or exchanges on knitting machines.
Manufacturer Warranty: 90 days 

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If there is any damage that occurred in shipping, please contact your local UPS office. They will come out and check the damage. Angelika’s Yarn Store LLC cannot start the claim.

Angelika’s Yarn Store LLC will not cover any damage to the machine that occurred during use. Angelika strongly recommends that pure cotton, rayon, and silk are not used on the machine. These fibers have no stretch, and the needles will struggle to knit them off. This often leads to the needle’s butts being shoved into the side of the bed and causing dings. These dings will cause future problems. Angelika recommends wool, acrylics and blends. As you learn your machine, wool and cotton blends may be introduced.

Angelika’s Yarn Store LLC also recommends that the carriage is moved back and forth at a sedate speed. Do not drive it back and forth fast. When jams occur, and there is a lot of speed and pressure on the carriage, the bed will be damaged.
Love your machine but start slow and easy during your learning curve.

Be sure to read the Warranty Card that comes with your machine and mail it back to the address on the back of the registration card.

Warranty is void if machine is used for paid production. Production of product for resell is considered production work.

Your machine will come with a warranty card. The machine will be warranted to the original purchaser that it will be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 months from the original date of purchase. This applies only if the machine is used for home use only, not for industrial or production work. Production of product for resell is considered production work.

Warranty will be voided if machine is modified, altered or repaired by anyone other than the manufacturer; misuse or abuse of the machine other than what is recommended; or damaged in shipment.