US#1 (2.25mm) Single Point Knitting Needles

US#1 (2.5mm)

US#1 (2.25mm) Single Point Knitting Needles

This size of needle is a 2.25mm.   Some manufacturers call a 2.25mm a US#1, and others may already have a US#1, so will not give it a US size number.  In this range of 2.25mm to 2.5mm, you will find a disagreement of US# designations.   My advise is to look at the mm sizing and choose either what your stash at home is, or make your best guess.   Honestly a .25mm difference is very minute.

This size of knitting needle is commonly used with Lace [0] and Fingering [1] weight yarns.   Its' gauge generally runs between 8 to 10 stitches per inch. This can vary immensely with the particular characteristics of the yarn, and if the knitter is a tight or loose knitter.

Please enjoy our selection of one of the most commonly used sizes of knitting needles.  Any questions?   Free to call or text.

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