Araucania Unan

Araucania Unan

Araucania Unan - 50% Tanguis Cotton, 50% Alpaca

Cotton is soft, and alpaca is soft, so you can imagine the luscious feel of this yarn. It has a lot of drape, so super for scarves and cowls. Ideal for sweaters for the little one, because it doesn't bunch up like most worsted weights would. 
Crochet on a 4.5mm to a 5mm hook, or knit on a US7-9. Because it is tonal, and the color runs are short, this would be really cute crocheted in a simple single or double crochet stitch.


  • 50% Tanguis Cotton, 50% Alpaca
  • approx 219 yds in 100 grams
  • Hand wash cold, dry flat
  • Weight: Worked as a [4] Worsted
  • 4-worsted.gif
  • Knit on a US#7-9 to get 4.5 sts per inch.
  • Crochet on a 4.5 or 5mm needle.  
  • The multi layers of crochet stitches, and the tonal shades of this yarn, made me want to sample it up in crochet.   The sample on the left is all single crochet.  But the top half is single crochet throught the front loop.  I love the horizontal ridge. The swatch used a 3.5mm - E hook. Not normally the hook size one would use with this yarn.  But it was handy.  The fabric is still very nice and soft.  At this gauge it creates a good fabric for garments such as cardigans, or a sweatshirt-style pullover, as it has good body.  The second swatch is knit in stockinet with the top being garter. It was knit on a US#8 5mm hook.  The fabric is very soft and drapey.  It has very little body.  Moral of this story?   This yarn works well being worked tight or loose.  Just be aware of what type of body or drape you are going for.