Susan Bates Point Protector Bulky #14227

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Susan Bates Point Protectors #14227

Point protectors are essential tools for knitters, designed to keep the tips of knitting needles safe and prevent stitches from slipping off when your work is not in progress. s. Make sure the points of your needles are always protected with classic regular point protectors from Susan Bates. They will keep your stitches on the needle and guard your points from being damaged when you have to put your knitting down. Regular point protectors will fit needles from US 0 to 8 (2mm to 5mm) and there are four purple point protectors per package.

Point Protector #14227 Features

  • Set of 2
  • Fits US 9 - 15 (5.5 - 10mm)

Susan Bates Point Protectors are available in two sizes: