Skacel Knitting Thimble (Yarn Tension Ring)

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Skacel Knitting Thimble

  • A handy yarn guide for stranded knitting
  • Makes knitting with two different yarns simultaneously easy
  • Suitable for knitting Norwegian and two-colour patterns
  • Facilitates fair-isle knitting
  • Designed to assist Continental-style knitters

The skacel by addi™ Knitting Thimble is a flexible wire coil ring designed to assist Continental-style knitters when working on stranded colorwork that requires handling two yarns simultaneously.

It’s particularly helpful for managing yarn tension and preventing yarn tangling. The ring fitment measures between a Size 7 (17.3mm) and size 8 (18.2mm) 

If you’re a Continental knitter, this thimble could be a handy addition to your knitting toolkit! ?