Pony Stitch Holder Medium

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Pony Aluminum Stitch Holder - Medium

This stitch holder is the classic style and you will use it in your knitting over and over. The medium size is approximately 4" long.

Sometimes the basics are the best tool. Our Aluminum Stitch Holders are just that and at an amazing price. Stock up!!

An essential knitting tool used to separate stitches when knitting collars, cable patterns or when using different yarns. Hold stitches while knit projects is not in use and stop them from sliding off the needle. Pony stitch holders close like safety pins and the secure locking design makes it easy to hold stitches without snagging your knit. Stitch holders are offered in various sizes such as mini, small, medium, large and jumbo.

Sizes available in the Pony Aluminum Stitch Holders

  • Mini Stitch Holder Length: Approximately 2". Ideal for very small projects or holding a few stitches. Perfect for intricate work where only a small number of stitches need to be held temporarily.
  • Small Stitch Holder Length: Approximately 3".  Suitable for small projects or sections of knitting. Useful for holding a moderate number of stitches without taking up much space.
  • Medium Stitch Holder Length: Approximately 4". Great for medium-sized projects or sections. Provides a good balance between holding capacity and manageability, making it versatile for various knitting tasks.
  • Large Stitch Holder Length: Approximately 7" – Ideal for larger projects or holding a greater number of stitches.
  • Jumbo Stitch Holder Length: Approximately 8".  Pony Aluminum Jumbo Stitch Holders are designed for larger knitting projects and can hold a significant number of stitches. These jumbo stitch holders are ideal for bulky yarns and large sections of knitting, providing ample space and secure holding capacity for your stitches.