Lykke Needle Gauge - Rosewood

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Lykke Rosewood Needle Gauge

Crafted of beautiful Rosewood wood, the Lykke Needle Gauge has a wide size range from US00 to US17. Never again will you have to guess what those older needle sizes are. Sides are cut out so you can measure your stitches or rows in 4" (or 10cm).  A beautiful addition to your supply kit.

Features of the Rosewood Needle Gauge Lykke

  • Broad range of needle holes beginning with US00 to US17.
  • Also includes the mm sizes of those same needles.
  • A helpful tool used to determine the size of knitting needles
  • Sides are cut out to measure stitches or rows in 4 inches (or 10cm).
  • Allows you to easily identify the size of unmarked or old needles.
  • Helps ensure accuracy and precision in your knitting projects.
  • A useful accessory for knitters of all skill levels.