E-Z Bobs Set of 4 Large Bobbins

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E-Z Bobs Set of 10 Small Bobbins

  • Make color knitting easy!
  • E-Z Bobs keep colors separate and tangle free.
  • One side rolls down to keep yarn inside, yet still easy to pull from.
  • Easier than any other bobbin style.
  • The small size is perfect for ravel cord for knitting machines!  Cords stay neat, no knots, and extends the life of the ravel cord!

Use these bobbins to wind off small amounts of yarn for colorwork, intarsia, or other small projects.

Available in more sizes:

Small bobbins (package of 10). Approximate diameter 1.75".

Medium bobbins (package of 8). Approximate diameter 2.5".

Large bobbins (package of 4).  Approximate diameter 3.5".