DesignaKnit 9 Complete

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requires Silver Link 5 Cable
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DesignaKnit 9 Complete

Software for knitwear designers, hand knitters and machine knitters!  Bring out your creativity!

(also requires Silver Link 5 cable to connect to SK840 (or discontinued models SK890, SK860.)

DesignaKnit, often referred to simply as DAK is a computer program for creating garments and designs for machine and hand knitting. It is the #1 program used in the world for designing.

UPGRADES: Here is the DAK9 Upgrade Pdf to send in to upgrade DAK 7 or 8 to DAK 9. BE SURE to include both the CD and the CASE.

 What has changed?   Download this 25 page pdf to see all the new changes!

Complete is the Professional Version that iincludes Hand Knitting module.  DesignaKnit 9 now includes the Lace Feature.    Everything in one program for the hand & machine knitter or designer who wants it all. 

Here are the 5 sections you should know about in DAK 9.  Start with Garment Styling and make a simple garment.   Need to tweak the size?  Create the garment in Garment Styling, save it, the open it in Original Pattern Drafting to add your custom measurements.  Ready to move onto color or texture in your garment?   Create that color, lace or texture work in Stitch Designer. Garment pieces may be laid out on a stitch pattern pattern and the positions adjusted until the desired effect is obtained. After this has been done, DesignaKnit makes the necessary adjustments when printing, downloading, or interactively knitting the integrated pattern, so that the knitted result is exactly what was shown on the Stitch Designer screen. To create a one of a kind design, use the graphics studio by importing and converting images to be knit-able.


  1. Garment Styling: Select from a range of standard garments, apply standard size tables or your own measurements, and adjust the styling features. Garments designed in this way can be knitted as they are, or used as a starting point for your own original design in Original Pattern Drafting.
  2. Original Pattern Drafting: In Original Pattern Drafting there is almost as much freedom to design shaping as with pencil and paper, and DesignaKnit provides a lot of tools to make it easy and fun.  Start with a standard shape from Garment Styling, start with a square, block or geometric shape, or start with tracing a garment shape using a background image. When the garment has been completed in Original Pattern Drafting, it is ready to be integrated with stitch patterns in Stitch Designer, taken into Interactive Knitting, or knitting instructions can be printed out.
  3. Stitch Designer: Stitch Designer invites you to design stitch patterns on a stitch related grid, across any number of pattern repeats, at almost any tensions, with or without fabric texture visible. Choose from a palette of simple drawing tools, or explore the pattern creating features made especially for designing knitwear. The stitch patterns made in Stitch Designer can be displayed on garment pieces in Original Pattern Drafting, or taken into Interactive Knitting, or knitting instructions can be printed out.
  4. Interactive Knitting: The Interactive Knitting screen shows the row by row progress of knitting, whether by hand or with a machine. It can be used for garment pieces or for swatches. Voice instructions or other alerts can be given when a yarn change or edge shaping is required, when markers have been inserted into the shape, when certain stitch symbols or stitch cables are present in the current row of the stitch pattern, or when the knitting technique changes - for example from Tuck to Fair Isle. Almost any knitting machine can be synchronized with Interactive Knitting using an optional cable link. With each pass of the carriage the screen is updated to show the progress of the work. Cable Links are suitable for all kinds of knitting techniques including plain knitting.
  5. Graphics Studio enables the conversion of standard graphic image files to DesignaKnit stitch patterns. Photographs, scans, screen shots of other software, and graphic art can all be used. It is possible to control exactly how image colors are converted to yarn colors. Yarn colors can be picked from the image - or any shade can be selected. The number of stitches and rows and the number of yarn colors per knitted row can also be entered. 

Complete also includes hand knitting design and charting system, including an extensive collection of stitch cables. Select from 200 hand knitting stitch symbols with abbreviations and knitting instructions. Use as they are or alter the instructions to suit your needs.


Email to get the pdf to send in to upgrade DAK 7 or 8 to DAK 9.


Other Versions:

HandKnit: A complete design and charting system for the hand knitter, including an extensive collection of stitch cables. Select from 200 new hand knitting stitch symbols with abbreviations and knitting instructions. Use as they are or alter to suit your needs.

Knitting Machine Standard: The basics for machine knitters with a set of standard garment shapes and great stitch pattern design features. Full support for colour changers.  Select from a range of standard garments, apply standard size tables or your own measurements, and adjust the styling features. Make original shapes by modifying standard garments or starting from a square block. 

Knitting Machine Professional: (the most popular).  More features for the domestic machine knitter - the features of Machine Standard plus the freedom of Original Pattern Drafting. All of Standard Garment Styling, plus select from over 1000 built-in stitch patterns or make your own using a font of knitting symbols and a range of knitting oriented drawing tools. Integrate with garment pieces to see the finished effect. Receive row by row instructions while knitting, with a range of alerts for shaping, color changes, and stitch symbols and interactive Knitting.  Garment shaping, stitch design, original pattern drafting, graphic studio, and interactive knitting.

Graphics Studio converts any image (photo, scanned punch card, pattern diagram) to a stitch pattern. Set the number of colors per row and control how image colors convert to yarn colors. Automatic birds-eye provides extra shades.
Choose printouts from charts showing yarn colors, stitch symbols, textures, with or without garment shaping, text instructions for hand knitters, templates for knitting machine punch cards & reader sheets, shaping outlines with notation, yarn calculations, and more.

Sorry, no Mac version available.
Sorry, no returns or exchanges on software. 

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP or later (32-bit or 64-bit operating system). Mac owners can install Windows under Parallels and run DesignaKnit in that way.
  • Screen size at least 800 x 600 pixels for the DesignaKnit program and at least 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) for on-line video tutorials.
  • 600 Mbytes free hard drive space.

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  • 5
    DK9 review

    Posted by Natalia Majors on Sep 02, 2021

    Great software! I am still learning it

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by Natalia Majors on Aug 21, 2021

    thank you for the quick delivery!

  • 5
    Designaknit.9 completed

    Posted by Melody on Feb 26, 2021

    Very nice product,,the shipping is great.

  • 5
    Powerful software but big learning curve

    Posted by Janet on Jul 29, 2020

    I originally thought this would be a download. I was surprised that it was a physical CD that needed to be shipped. It's rare to find software sold this way nowadays. It was shipped out fast though, but the postal service sent my package the wrong way, so it was delayed by a few days.

    Definitely the most detailed software for knitting that I've ever seen. However, if you're used to how Adobe and Microsoft products work, and hoping that maybe there would be shortcuts, well known conventions for convenience, or even just being logical, you'll be frustrated. The workflow just doesn't make sense sometimes! It's not intuitive. It's so different from other design software products and I wish there were some ways to make it easier to use. The software engineers really didn't think about user experience and usability. The learning curve is thus quite high.

    I haven't yet bought the cable link for my non-electronic machines, but that is a must if you want to use the interactive knitting feature. Interactive knitting is great for hand knitting too. I can knit swatches that I've designed without a row counter, and it saves my place when I stop and come back later. I'm glad I bought the Complete version, since I don't think there's a way to add the Hand Knitting component later for without buying the Hand Knitting only part separately, which costs a lot more.

    Even without the cable link, it's possible to export instructions for machine knitting in different ways. You can have a diagram with notations on decreases and increases, written out instructions and also KnitRadar / KnitLeader if you have them. So all is not lost, I can still knit on my machines with printed instructions.

    All in all, I do recommend this software, because there is nothing else that can do what this one can. Just be prepared for a big learning curve, mostly from the illogical workflow.
    I definitely recommend Angelika's yarn store. They always ship out fast. I'll be back for the cable link soon.