Clover Wonder Clips (10 clips) #3155

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Clover Wonder Clips package of 10 clips

Available in 3 options:


  • Clip opens wide to hold layers of fabrics
  • Great for holding patterns onto a pattern board
  • Clip base is flat, so project or pattern lays flat.
  • Seam allowance markings of 1/4" (7mm) and 1/2" (12 mm), if needed.


  • Great alternative to pins.
  • Holds layered sections of knit or crochet projects for even seaming without distortion

Materials: Policarbonate, Stainless Steel

Simplify your knitting and crocheting projects with Clover Wonder Clips #3155. This set of 10 clips is perfect for holding garment pieces, yarn, and patterns securely in place. The clips are designed to open wide, making them ideal for managing multiple layers or thick materials without damaging your work. Their flat back allows them lay flat while you are seaming. Brightly colored and easy to spot, these Wonder Clips are an indispensable tool for any crafter, providing convenience and efficiency in every project.