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Long Clover Circular Stitch Holder Item 3162

This stitch holder is a convenient way to store your circular work-in-progress. It features a soft pliable nylon cord attached to a stainless-steel darning needle. At the end of the cord is a movable rubber stopper adorned with a decorative bead. Simply slip your stitches off of your working needles onto the stitch holder to keep the shape of your project intact without compromising the stitches. This package contains one Circular Stitch Holder and instructions. Length: 24-36 inches (61- 91cm).

Stitch holder with soft, pliable cord is a convenient way to store your circular work. Keeps the shape without compromising the stitches. Length of cord is adjustable depending on the number of stitches to be held.

Run the needle through the hole in the stopper. Adjust the length pulling the bead.

Available in two lengths

Short: 9-16"/23-41cm (Item 3161)
Long: 24-36"/61-91cm (Item 3162)

Needle: Stainless
Cord: Nylon
Stopper: Silicone Rubber