addiToGo Heart Needle Holder, Small or Large

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addiToGo Heart Needle Holder, Small for Sizes US#000 through US#8

Featuring addi's logo heart, the additogo stitch protector is the best way to keep your stitches on your needles when not in use!  Works on all types of needles.
Sold individually, so you can try just one or one of each size.

Needles are held fast with spring loaded pressure.  Needles can be inserted in the same direction, or if you are on circular needles that are quite full of stitches, the tips can be inserted in opposing directions.

addiToGo Heart Needle Holder Sizes

Smaller heart: US 000 thru US 8 (1.5mm thru 5mm)
Bigger heart: US 9 thru US 15 (5.5mm thru 10mm)

Made in Germany