addi Double Points 8" US00 (1.75mm)

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Double Point
01.75mm US#00
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addi Double Points 8" US#00, 1.75mm

This size of needle is a 1.75mm, most commonly called a US#000.   Used for specialty knitting on extremely fine yarns. Great for little ornaments, knit tightly, using Lace [0] weight yarns.

This size of knitting needle is commonly used with Lace [0] and Fingering [1] weight yarns.   Its' gauge generally runs between 8 to 10 stitches per inch. This can vary immensely with the particular characteristics of the yarn, and if the knitter is a tight or loose knitter.

Please enjoy our selection of one of the most commonly used sizes of knitting needles.  Any questions?   Free to call or text.