The Original Fiber Fantasy Blockers Kit

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The Original Fiber Fantasy Blockers Kit

Don't use a million pins when you block! Just insert these stainless steel, rust-proof blocking wires along the edge of your unfinished pieces. The Blockers stop the curling so you can easily pin and steam to your desired measurement. Blockers act as a handle for every edge of your knitted piece. No longer will you need to pin every inch unsatisfactorily "scalloping" the edge of your knitted piece. Try our Blockers kit and you'll wonder how you ever lived without them. AN ABSOLUTE MUST FOR LACE KNITTERS!

Blockers kit includes more than enough to do a sweater or shawl: 8-(36")and 4-(18") stiff Blockers, 2-(27") flexible Blockers (for sleeve caps and armholes), 30 T-pins and a yardstick for measuring. Blocking instructions are included.