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DesignaKnit ScreenLink Cable for Non-Electronic Knitting Machines

To be used with DesignaKnit Knitting Software and any non-electronic (punch card or manual) knitting machine.  This cable senses each pass of the knitting carriage and will advance the pattern directions (interactive knitting) of the software. Which in turn, Designknit will inform you of any shaping necessary for the row you are on.

For Silver Reed 800 series machines (830 (disc), 840, 860 (disc) and 890 (disc) ) use the Silver Link 5 Cable.

The ScreenLinks enable DesignaKnit to provide the full range of row by row instructions and audible alerts during Interactive Knitting with non-electronic machines. However, they are not able to download patterns to the knitting machine.

DesignaKnit can transfer patterns to knitting machines that take punch cards or reader sheets through the use of printed templates that match the particular machine. These exact size printouts can be used as a punching guide for punch cards, or can be traced over when marking mylar sheets. The ScreenLinks can then be used to knit the pattern interactively.

These links can also be used for manual machines, and as a cheaper alternative to our specialized links for electronic machines: one ScreenLink may be used for all your machines.