Susan Bates Knit Klips (10 per) #14136

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Susan Bates Knit Klips #14136, package of 10

The Susan Bates Knit Klips, product number #14136, are practical tools designed to help knitters and crocheters manage their projects more efficiently. Here's an overview of these useful clips:

Features of the Knit Klips:

  • Material: Made from durable plastic, ensuring they are lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Size: Small and compact, making them easy to handle and store.
  • Quantity: Each package contains 10 Knit Klips.
  • Design: They typically come in bright colors, which makes them easy to spot among your crafting supplies.
  • Spring-Loaded Mechanism:The clips feature a spring-loaded mechanism that provides a secure grip on your fabric.


  • Seaming: Ideal for holding pieces of knitting or crochet together while you sew seams. This ensures the pieces stay aligned and makes sewing easier.
  • Holding Stitches: Useful for keeping stitches in place when you need to put your project down, preventing your work from unraveling.
  • Marking Points: Can be used to mark specific points on your project, such as the beginning of a round or pattern repeats.

How to Use:

  • Seaming Pieces:Align the edges of the pieces you want to join.Use the Knit Klips to clip the edges together at regular intervals. This holds the pieces securely in place, ensuring even and accurate seaming.Sew the pieces together, removing the clips as you go.
  • Holding Stitches:Clip the Knit Klips onto the edge of your work where you need to hold stitches in place. This is particularly useful when taking a break from your project.
  • Marking Points:Attach a Knit Klip to the spot you want to mark. This can be for tracking rows, pattern changes, or specific stitch counts.


- Time-Saving: Simplifies the process of seaming and finishing projects by keeping pieces securely aligned.
- Convenience: Easy to use and remove, providing a hassle-free way to manage your knitting or crochet pieces.
- Visibility: Bright colors help you easily locate the clips within your project.

Practical Tips:

- Space the clips evenly to ensure a neat and even seam.
- Use them as temporary stitch markers if you run out of traditional markers.
- Keep a few clips in your project bag for on-the-go knitting or crochet.

The Susan Bates Knit Klips are versatile tools that enhance the ease and accuracy of your knitting and crochet projects, making them an essential addition to your crafting toolkit.