Pony Knitting Gauge (US 0-15)

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Pony Knitting Gauge with cutter

A Knitter's Gauge with Yarn Cutter has several functions. It is used to determine the size of a knitting needle/crochet hook that have no size identification. It has a ruler to help with measurements. It is used to check the tension of the knitted swatch. The handy sharp blade provided is to help cut the yarn, instead of a pair of scissors.

The 60667 Pony Needle Gauge is a popular and handy tool used by knitters to determine the size of their knitting needles.

Key points about the 60667 Pony Needle Gauge:

  • It is a compact and portable tool that easily fits in a knitting bag or pocket.
  • The gauge covers US 0 through US 15 (2mm to 10mm).
  • Yarn cutter on one end.
  • Rulers on both sides.
  • One side is centimeters, flip it over for inches, and US needle sizes.
  • Also includes a stitch and row gauge to help determine how many stitches and rows you have per inch.
  • It helps knitters quickly identify the size of their needles, especially when they are unmarked or the markings have faded.
  • The Pony Needle Gauge is durable and made of high-quality material, ensuring long-lasting use.
  • It is a must-have accessory for knitters of all skill levels to ensure accuracy and precision in their projects.

Pony offers their knitting gauge in 2 sizes: