Lyra Project Tote - Navy

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The vegan leather tote from Lykke is a stunning and sophisticated design.  Their size is perfect for traveling, and holds not only your knitting and crochet projects, but also has a padded compartment for electronic devices. Also inside is a zippered compartment for wallets, and other valuable items.  Not only for knitting and crochet, but is an amazing "brief case". Carry your files and documents (and lunch) back and forth to work in one of these amazing colors.

Have a friend or family member that needs a gift?  No one will be disappointed with a gift like this!

They measure 9-1/4" length x 14-1/2" high with a 5" width, have an adjustable handle, a zipper closure, padded compartment for electronic devices and an inside zipper.

The navy is a two tone with dark navy-black on the bottom half and a no-so-dark navy on the top.  The personality of this is respectful, accomplished and experienced. It just reeks of success and confidence.