addi Needle Gauge, Metric & US Sizes

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Addi Needle Gauge

Most needles are manufactured in metric sizes.  So it makes sense that your needle gauge is also sized for metric.  This small needle gauge from add will work the best with addi needles and other needles manufactured to metric measurements.  Which means any needle made in Europe or Asia.

Will not work with squared needles.

Features of the needle gauge from addi

  • Created with metric sized holes, as most of our knitting needles were manufactured to metric system.
  • A helpful tool used to determine the size of knitting needles
  • Consists of a small square with labeled holes for different needle sizes
  • Allows you to easily identify the size of unmarked or old needles
  • Helps ensure accuracy and precision in your knitting projects
  • A useful accessory for knitters of all skill levels